Final Club kit vote

Dear Club Members

Thank you again for your patience. The important subject of club kit, and all feedback / comments received regarding the designs, and last vote were discussed at the Committee meeting yesterday evening (All meeting minutes can be found within the Members Area).

Following a lengthy discussion, please see a link below to what will be the final survey in the kit discussion. Please note that just 2 options are provided. We will be proceeding with the majority vote.

We would also ask that you please take into consideration the following statements prior to your vote;

Option 1. The Existing Kit Design option

This existing design is the property of Champion Systems and we have no choice but to continue with them as supplier if we keep this design. Please note however that the last products ordered / delivered gave rise to quality complaints. There are better prices and online ordering systems available to us with the other Manufacturers. One of which has no minimum order quantity and allows all club members to order as and when kit is needed via a members online portal.

Please note that we looked at a Revamped design, however, despite numerous attempts from several designers over the past year or so, it was decided to exclude these as an option because they were too similar to the existing design and / or wasn’t liked by vote at commitee stage.

Option 2. Contour Design option

The design brief is for a design that will unify the MTB and Road sections. This design will be owned by YOGI cycling and we will be able to take it to any Manufacturer. Again, considerations for the Manufacturer will be the order process, price and quality. There will be a small number of slight modifications to further enhance this design. One example of this being the contour lines to avoid highlighting the chest area.



This final vote will be open for 1 week only from this evening.
Thank you for you time

Yogi Cycling Committee


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