Friday Philosopher’s Ride – 27th March.

Friday Philosophers Ride, Friday 27th March.

Route is the same as last weeks, Pork, Merrivale and Princetown with a cafe stop at the Foxtor in Princetown.

Depart from the George at 10.00 am. A link to the route is here for anyone who hasn’t seen it.

In view of the increased popularity of this ride, I  thought it would be helpful to restate the ride objectives, so participants don’t find they have joined a ride that is slightly different in format to the usual club rides. It is intended as a recreational ride, and the route is chosen with that in mind. The average speed of recent rides has been about 13mph, and the routes can be quite hilly.  The cafe stop is  leisurely, so expect to spend a good hour at the cafe stop.  Routes are chosen with a direct route home, for the benefit of those on a deadline.

Legal Disclaimer: It is common practice for video recordings and photographs to be taken on this ride. Those participating in the ride will be considered as having given consent to this.

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