Fun Ride – 19th November – Beliver Forest / East Dart

Seven of us met at Yelverton for what looked like a blustery 3rd Saturday Fun Ride. It turned out nicer than expected though as is so often the case.   We travelled out to a Carpark just south of Beliver Tor – Tom, convinced that we were meeting at Quarry carpark kindly checked that no one else had misread the website and called in there on the way just make sure.

Riding this this ride were: Roger and Penny Eyre, Emily Johns (on her second ride with us), Tom Nickson, Andy Westcott, Penny Allan and yours truly.  As Penny A and I had been out to Beliver on a course recently I thought it would be nice to ride out that way for a change.

Starting out up a bridlepath onto the moor, and then back down to the road to fly down the hill towards Dartmeet.  Following the river we ascended the Beautiful East Dart finding some lovely grassy commons interspersed with technical rocky sections and then upwards. Penny and I crossed at a convenient but tricky river crossing, to find the others already on the other side having used the small clapper bridge!! We headed up through the farm and stables onto open moorland with great views across the East dart valley and beyond, before briefly dropping down some steep drops (sorry about the router here guys). Over the stepping stones and into Beliver Forest we wound our way up through the forest on tracks and up the final track to Beliver Tor (Pictured). On the south side we were rewarded with the beautiful fast descent down and onwards towards the cars.  The first section is pretty steep and Penny E did some acrobatics, although I didn’t see it – it sounded impressive.    As usual, thanks to those that came along for great company.   Fun rides are always pretty sociable during the ride and we finished off at our favourite pub stop for some fine food and a friendly welcome at the Burrator Inn on the way home.

Christmas Ride  – Sat 17th December – Advanced warning

Please look out for information on a Special Christmas MTB Fun Ride the week before Christmas on 17th December.  make sure you have done your Xmas shopping, you don’t want to be in town when you could be doing a great MTB ride on Dartmoor!!  I am planning it will be slightly longer than normal at around 15 Miles starting at Newbridge Carpark at 10 am. Expect to be out for 4 hours and bring a light lunch/snack, and then we’ll probably also go to a pub for some festive cheer/food afterwards as normal.

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