Good Luck to Chris, Simon and James!

If, like me, you’re entered for this coming Sunday’s Dartmoor Classic and thinking, with trepidation, “why on earth did I enter?” followed by “if it’s raining or windy…” here is some perspective.

On Friday, three brave YOGi’s will be leaving these shores for Liege in Belgium where, on Saturday,  they will be starting a ride of a lifetime – namely the “Tour de Force 2012”. The ride will, over 23 days, follow the entire route of the 2012 Tour de France finishing on the Champs-Elysée on Sunday 15th July.

The total distance covered will be 3479km with 21 days of riding including 4 medium mountain stages, 5 high mountain stages and only 2 rest days! I haven’t calculated the total climbing as I don’t want to put any of them off at this late stage of preparation. Oh, and I see that they are estimated to burn an average of 7000 calories per day!

So who are these mad, er, I mean brave YOGi’s? Categorised by the organisers as “lifers” you will know these “stars of local radio” as the Three Amigo’s. This little trio of heroes comprises Chris Glazier, Simon Pope and James Thompson. They’ve put an enormous amount of preparation (not to mention epilation) into this endeavour and are sure to have an unforgettable 23 days that I know I’m not alone in being very envious of.

Chris, Simon and James, we wish you the very best of luck for your journey! Have fun and stay safe!

If you wish to follow their progress (or donate to their charity) please click here.

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