Grass Track Racing comes to the South West

Whilst the South West has a history of producing capable road cyclists there have been few track cyclist of note. A lack of event opportunities and facilities being a factor. To progress to the National Olympic programs ideally riders should have experience of track cycling (excluding mtbers) and should be competing at the Regional track omniums National circuit and track events.

This year the region will have its own grass track league. South West Regional Event Organiser (REO) Andy Parker will organise the events at Ashburton Community College. Events will be focused on youth riders and enable them to understand the dynamics of track racing.

In the first year of the grass track league it is important that riders and clubs support the events and adopt the coaching points into their own club sessions. By the end of the year the format of the events will become common practice. In 2012 the REO will support clubs to deliver their own grass track events and it is anticipated that events will then be held region wide and become a SW league. At this stage organisers may want to introduce a senior event so that all ages of the club can be involved.

Talent Development Coach Ric Jamieson will support the events and assist with coaching points. Based upon the event results the South West road race workgroup will then decide the regional team for inclusion in the Inter Regional Champs. Ric will also advise riders of regional coaching sessions.


Coached sessions 6th, 27th April  at 1830

Races 8th,  22nd June, 1830

6th, 12th July

Venue; Ashburton Community College Balland Lane, Ashburton TQ13 7EW

Track; 250 metre grass track on a level surface



Parents and volunteers from local clubs. Roles to include


Signing on x 2

Time Keepers x 2



Results co ordinator

Entry Fee £5 per meeting


The region has gained access to twenty track bikes for the 12 -16 year old age group. Whilst these bikes will be held centrally and not loaned between events it is important that you attend the coaching session so that you can be allocated a bike.

Don’t forget to bring your own pedals to each event.


Riders will sign on and then be directed to a penned area where you can set up your bike, chairs, turbo trainer etc.

There will be a strict timetable with riders moving on and off the track in quick succession. Please take the time to understand the event format and listen for your event to be called. See attached timetable

The events follow the Omnium format, a series of races with riders allocated points according to their position in each event. The Omnium winner will be the rider with the most points after all the events have taken place.

Each event in the Omnium eg Time trial will have separate races for U16, U14 under 12 age groups. Once all the age groups have competed then we progress to the next event.

We have decided to split the training days and events into endurance and sprint omniums. To run all the events in one session would be too time consuming.


Events may be handicapped by Ric to provide entertaining racing.


Endurance                                                                 Sprint

Time Trial   2 laps                                                       Flying individual 200 metre timed

Devil                                                                            Match Sprint

Points                        Keirin

The pre league coaching sessions will focus on these events so week one will be endurance and week two will be sprint. Riders should quickly see that the skills required in each should overlap.

For further information contact Regional Events Officer Andy Parker 0794 030 2224 or Regional Talent Development Coach Ric Jamieson 07515 606 634

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