Haldon Hill – Video MTB Fun Ride

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You can select a higher quality if your broadband can cope with it!

19 of us met at Haldon Forest park on Saturday in glorious sunshine. Unfortunately only 17 made it beyond the skills park as Penny Eyre had a fall by riding off the edge of the north shore bridge and husband Roger had to take her off to casualty at Exeter.  She had a nasty cut to her face and 2 fractured fingers. We all wish her well and that she mends quickly.  This has confirmed my belief that man-made objects are to be avoided when mountain biking!  Also we’ve learned to go to the skills park AFTER the ride!

So – 17 of us then enjoyed a great ride around the blue and red run. Morgan was really flying on the red route until a rocky section with an innocuous looking, but unexpectedly deep puddle caused him to end up  facing the ground. Once he was extracted from under his bike, we discovered he had a rather nasty deep gash to his hands.  I’m pleased that lots of people carry first aid kits on our rides.   If all this trauma wasn’t enough we headed down the Black route, and later came across another cyclist on the tarmac touring track calling for help from over the fence.  It seemed like a professional was required as the cyclist was lying down on roads track in pain – after using our new-found 1st aid training backed up by Liz’s professional view she was pronounced fit to ride and given a dose of comfort and reassurance from the clubs first aid kit.

Otherwise the ride went pretty well, and proved to be an excellent 1st aid training day :-/

More chatter about this on the new Yogi Cycling (MTB) group here:  www.facebook.com/groups/yogimtb

Banner Photo was taken on a Fun Ride in Sept 2011.

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