Saturday Road Rides – 15th September

As you’re probably all now aware, the Tour of Britain is coming through YOGi Land on Saturday so we will be arranging the rides to coincide with various vantage points from which to watch the professionals make mole-hills out of our mountains.

There will be several rides to choose from. The routes are not all finalised but to give you an idea:

’12’ Route 1 (approximately 36 miles)

Yorks (Paul Cunningham) has kindly volunteered to lead a group of ’12’ riders. His route will take you up the cycle path to Goodameavy, turning right (back under the path) and up Goodameavy hill towards Cadover and then on, through Sheepstor, to Burrator. From Burrator there is a quiet lane that will take you to the foot of Peek Hill and from there straight up to Princetown. I expect that there will then be time for a quick stop in the Foxtor Cafe before heading to find to watch at the top of Merrivale.

’12’ Route 2 (approximately 36 miles)

As we are expecting a large group, Ski (Carl Hutchins) has also kindly volunteered to lead another ’12’ ride. Ski’s route will head towards Tavistock for refreshments at Bob’s Cafe before heading up to the Merrivale climb (after the Hill Climb has finished).

’14’ Route 1 (approximately 48 miles with longer option of 58 miles)

Ian Roberts will be leading the ’14’ to Princetown via Deux Alpes, Lee Moor and Yelverton where anyone wishing to meet there can do so at around 11:00. From there he’ll head straight up to Princetown for the Foxtor Cafe. Here the decision will be made whether to head for the Merrivale KoM or the Dartmeet KoM viewing points.

For those heading for the Dartmeet KoM, Robert Barnes is offering to lead a longer route back to Plymouth via Ashburton, South Brent (following the actual ToB route) and then onto Ivybridge.

’14’ Route 2 (approximately 68 miles)

This route will be approximately 68 miles and will likely return to Plymouth after 17:30 due to the race finishing at Dartmouth at approximately 14:15 and allowing for podium presentations and then the usual ToB traffic problems.

We will head towards Wrangaton (via the most direct route of Plympton and Ivybridge) and then follow the actual ToB route (via Loddiswell, Kingsbridge & Slapton Ley) to the finish at Dartmouth. The Pros are estimated to arrive at Dartmouth at 14:09 so we should be there in plenty of time to find a cafe and have a look around the trade stands before finding somewhere to watch. This route will be approximately 68 miles and will be more suited to ’14’ and ’16’ riders due to the time constraints. However, there are plenty of places before Dartmouth where riders could choose to break off and watch from.

For info, the estimated times that the ToB riders are due to arrive at the two KoM climbs and the finish are as follows:

Merrivale KoM – 12:14
Dartmeet (Coffin Stone) KoM -12:41
Dartmouth Promenade (Finish) – 14:09

Please note that any YOGi members seen wearing a mankini will be disowned!!

Just to whet your appetite, here is a reminder of previous local Tour of Britain stages:


Remember to respect the ride leaders and have a great day! 🙂

  Our Ethos
  • We welcome all newcomers.
  • Our bikes are in a safe to ride condition.
  • We wear helmets on all road and MTB rides.
  • For safety reasons any type of music ear phones will not be worn, this ensures you can hear messages about cars/obstructions/directions as passed down the line.
  • We ride with front and rear lights in poor visibility and within normal lighting up hrs.
  • We remain aware that we are riding under the YOGi Cycling Banner and do not behave in a manner that can harm the clubs reputation. This means following all traffic rules, riding in single file when cars are behind, and refusing to get involved in any kind of abuse with other road users, no matter what the provocation
  • Caring passionately about the trails we ride
  • Everyone shares our ethos and ensures YOGi Cycling is seen as an exemplary cycling club
  • Everyone brings spare inner tubes and basic tools
  • We do not leave anyone stranded so shout loudly if you have a mechanical/puncture we will stop and assist
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