Important Info – Meeting to Review Road Rides (next Thurs eve)

There have been a number of discussion points with our road rides recently and hearing of, and seeing some issues we ought to revisit all we do that justifies our moniker  ‘The Friendly Club’(which also means inclusive).

We now have over 400 members and should be aiming to provide rides at levels that enable us to satisfy the needs of the majority of them, well it would be nice wouldn’t it?  However as it stands, though arguable, we likely see less than half that number as regulars and that is considering both road and MTB rides.

Considering the above and our commitment to grow and develop YOGi Cycling we feel it’s timely to review our Saturday Road Rides (and the evening ones too if appropriate?).

Towards this end, facilited by Ian, with help ffrom Simon and myself we have set up a forum to gather ideas.  This is an open invite to any club members who share our continuous improvement ethos, have constructive ideas to share and want to help us along the way.  Oh yes and hot drinks and biscuits provided.  We have booked the ELM Centre (next door to Asda) Estover on Thursday 26th February @ 7pm and Ian’s lovely mum Mary will be there armed with a giant teapot and a tray full of biscuits.

There are a few ground rules though, they are:-

  • Having gathered ideas it will be the three of us who agree any decisions (that’s what you pay us for: we wish 🙂 ).
  • All rides have to be led and so we need to agree they generally will be
  • All Saturday rides will depart from Coypool at 9:am (unless cancelled due to expected severe weather conditions)
  • Though posting ‘ Ad Hoc’ rides on Facebook is a personal choice that anyone is free to do, they will not be arranged so they leave from the same starting point and at the same time as any of our regular weekly rides, nor can they be covered by the clubs British Cycling associate clubs 3rdparty insurance
  • Only officially sanctioned rides and hence posted on the web site and Facebook will be covered under the clubs British Cycling associate clubs 3rdparty insurance
  • We will cater for all the levels within the club we have 400 members and need to meet their needs or loose them.
  • One off and special rides will be encouraged and formally sanctioned if they are deemed safe, meet a representative group and are a valuable offering from a general members perspective
  • All rides will follow the group riding rules and club Rides Ethos

AND……….Ideally we will jointly encourage a new tranche of ride leaders

AND FINALLY……………there will be polite order, lighthearted banter and a welcome by everyone to everyone. There you are that Friendly Club thing again.

Just to, give some idea of numbers it would be helpful if you post your intentions to support this eve below.  That’s not to say those who can’t commit before the day shouldn’t turn up.  We want a good representative group.  Thanks in antication of a very useful evening.

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