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Hi All.

Having admittedly being somewhat caught on the hop by British Cycling, who though we asked for a week’s ‘Heads Up’ before going live with our membership management transfer, were so keen they just pressed the button!  Okay so belatedly now here is a little background about why and what.  Of course those with an eye on our committee meeting minutes will already know we were looking at this, okay accepting that info was pretty scant.  Even so an apology that this communication as followed ‘Go Live’ not precluded it!

The back ground is that Graham and I started preparing for this in October last year.  Driven by acceptance that our annual renewal activity has always given both of us unfair amounts of admin and chasing of individuals to renew.  We need accurate records for our BC and CTC insurance cover, so has to be done.  On top of that over the last 18 months British Cycling have been encouraging us to move to their proven system, just as they are with clubs around the UK.
Consequently  Graham and I have spent a lot of effort meeting with Ben Fella of BC, firstly being convince it is user friendly, right for us and can work in tandem with the current YOGi Cycling web site. Also critical was how the system ensured adherence to the Data Protection Act, was security tested and a plethora of other basic user friendly type criteria.  Once we were convinced we (mainly Graham!) spent time ensuring as far as we could tell all addresses and names were correctly spelled, post codes were included in all addresses, e-mail addresses were current and so on.  Basically doing all we could to ensure our membership data  file was sent to BC for uploading in a clean as we could make it condition.  It is not yet perfect! (see below).
As you would expect it was clear that such a bespoke membership management offers a far slicker tool, considerably reduces the annual effort Graham and I go through and I make no apologies for that! More importantly it will ensure an annual refresh of everyone personal information, we will know in real time who has re-joined at the annual date of 1st June/are new members. It is these who will be covered by our club insurance.
We will continue to send personal welcomes to new members, we will remind everyone when and how to complete the annual re-joining activity (yes in effect we will all re join not renew each year) nothing else has changed!
It is important to know that after 6 years membership fees will finally  increase by the awesome amount of £1.00, this is because British Cycling will charge that per person as an admin fee. So annual membership will now cost £11:00!
So here is what you need to do now!
Log on to our British Cycling Club site using the link you received directly from them this week, if you did not receive it it is because we have an out of date/incorrect e-mail address for you, send the correct one via info@yogi
Check your personal data and amend if necessary!
That is it!
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