Improving Your Cycling Performance: Talk and Discussion Evening – Friday 18th Oct

We often get questions from members about how they can improve their cycling performance and train more effectively. David Fletcher, one of our qualified British Cycling club coaches, has coordinated with the Committee to provide a presentation and discussion evening covering subjects such as training theory, nutrition and generally how to get the most out of the miles you are putting in. As well as the presentation and discussion, David will be on hand to talk to members one-to-one about specific training and rider development questions that they want answered.

This event is free, and open to all members (and guests), and will be held at the ELM Centre at Estover from 7pm on Friday 18th October. Teas and coffees will be provided and free parking is available.

To allow us to gauge numbers for refreshments, if you think you’d like to attend, I’d be grateful if you could post your name in the comments below.

We hope to see you there!

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44 Responses to Improving Your Cycling Performance: Talk and Discussion Evening – Friday 18th Oct

  1. Andy Everett says:

    hi I will be attending, should be interesting

  2. Ian Roberts says:

    I will make sure there are plenty of biscuits…..

  3. Robert Barnes says:

    I will be there – thanks Dave for offering to share your wisdom !!

  4. Lucy Spowart says:

    Hi – I would love to come to this, just what I need, and even more appealing if there are lots of biscuits!!

  5. Sabine Lengger says:

    I’d like to come along as well!

  6. Simon Bovey says:

    Count me in too Please – and one non member guest

  7. Bryan Millings says:

    I’m in as well.

  8. Nikki Bray says:

    I’ll be there

  9. Lee Cox says:

    I will be there to.

  10. Matt Whorlow says:

    I’m interested, and hoping to be there…. However if the teachers strike goes ahead on the Thursday, I may not be able to make it (Wife’s logic)

    Anyway Ian – Jaffa cakes for me 😉

  11. Ian Roberts says:

    You bring them Matt and we will eat them : )

  12. Mike Everett says:

    Please accept my apologies. I would love to come and eat biscuits but my wife has other plans for me!
    Do you think that a second talk could be arranged for those unable to make this one?

  13. Bill Booth says:

    Aiming to come along i think JK is also attending Bill booth

  14. Kerry Nadin says:

    I am hoping to attend this, I may have to bring the kids along too.

  15. Robert Sang says:

    count me in see you there

  16. Mark Reed says:

    Helen and I will be there!

  17. Ian Roberts says:

    Fantastic, shaping up to be a good night, hope Matt’s got enough Jaffa cakes ; )

  18. Paul Cunningham says:


    hoping to get along to this one too


  19. Darren Fisher says:

    I would like to attend as well. Sounds very interesting.

  20. Rachael Darby says:

    I would like to come as sounds interesting and would be nice to see everyone. Would you like me to bake a cake? Cake is very important in regard to nutrition I think. 😉

  21. Simon Kirk says:

    I would love to come along, my training is in the doldrums right now and I could do with some inspiration, will try and avoid any cake if it is around, although I am weak.

  22. Jonathan Keable says:

    Yes Bill, I will be going, happy to give you a lift. I can bring a tin of biscuits…..hopefully intact. JK

  23. Andrs Konosonoks says:

    Count me in.

  24. Steve Sendall says:

    count me in

  25. Paul Hiles says:

    I will be coming along too.

  26. Debbie McCall says:

    Sadly I am unable to attend but would certainly like to second Mike, in wishing for a repeat at a later date.

  27. Martin Critchlow says:

    I will be attending cheers

  28. Michael Taylor says:

    I’ll be there.

  29. Adey Criddle says:

    I’ll be there also. Thanks for this, it should be very interesting

  30. Gavin Avery says:

    I plan to be there.
    Looking forward to Matt’s Jaffa cakes as well.

  31. Colin Davies says:

    I will be there

  32. Matt Whorlow says:

    Is this the place?
    Elm Community Centre – Community Centre in Plymouth PL6 8UE

    • Steve Clare says:

      Its basically in the little shopping arcade bottom of the steps near the entrance to Asda. Stand at the bottom of the steps and look straight ahead. Cant miss it.

      See you all there.

  33. Matt Whorlow says:

    Will there be space inside to bring our bikes in, or do we need to be locks with us to chain them outside?

  34. Lee Cox says:

    Sorry not going to be able to make it now. hopefully there will be another date.

  35. Simon Pope says:

    Count me in and John B should be coming along as well.

  36. Darren Fisher says:

    Just to say thank you to Dave for tonight’s talk and to all who helped out with the organising and the refreshments Steve, Ian etc 🙂

  37. Robert Barnes says:

    Thanks for the evening , hopefully we get along well with our training plans !

  38. Neil McAlister says:

    I couldn’t make it last night so I’m really hoping this session gets repeated at some point.

  39. Ian Roberts says:

    A big thankyou must go out to Dave Fletcher for his presentation, a great evening enjoyed by all.

  40. Neil McAlister says:

    Hi Si, thanks, will keep an eye out for that. Work is getting in the way of my cycling at the mo :o(

  41. Simon Kirk says:

    Really sorry I missed this as I was looking forward to it , last moment work changes in a good way, hoping there will be another in the future.

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