Saturday Leisure Ride – 10th May

Well looks like a great riding day for character building on a bike.  As it’s my pleasure to lead this week I thought it sensible to keep reasonably close to Plymouth just in case we get so wet that should we make a unanimous decision to take a cut off back home, there are plenty of options for doing so.  But hey it is May though isn’t it?

So with the above in mind route is:-

Cycle Path – Bickleigh – Yoeland Lane – Buckland Abbey – Buckland Monochorum – Pound – Crapstrone (Cafe stop at Knightstones) – Yelverton one lap of Burrator (anticlockwise as is the cyclist’s way!) – Meavy – Clearbrook – Roborough – Home 

This ride will be at the stated pace of 10 -12 mph average so you will be expected to help us keep within that so we all remain together and have a safe and enjoyable ride. Distance is circa 25 miles so if we are all enjoying ourselves to the full we can do two laps of Burrator.  We will discuss over our coffee and cake!

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