Leisure Road Ride – Saturday 3rd September

This weeks Leisure Ride is going to be led by your ‘double trouble’ act Alli Holland and Emma Hazeldine.  😉

We would ask that you please remember to respect the pace of this ride which will aim to average around 12mph over the distance. If you wish to ride at a faster pace please join the Steady Ride.

Alli says the following:

We shall be taking it back to the old school kind of leisure ride..plenty of banter, sun and good roads….not too long and hopefully  the coffee stop will be ok too.  So….

B&Q Coypool meet, then:

Kitley ( Riverfod farm shop for coffee:))
Plymouth (there could be an extra loop option aound Jennycliff if riders would like, but this will not be led)

Meet as usual folks! 9am B&Q Coypool for more fun on the bike. 🙂

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