Saturday Leisure Ride – 1st November

Well as it’s my pleasure to take the Leisure Ride again this week I thought we could combine it with our very own version of Autumn Watch 🙂 !

And what better place to head for to do that than the café at Lopwell Dam.

As is pretty much always the case in our beautiful peninsula there are some climbs and steep ones at that. But the double good news is that we will be taking these very gently and in the main they are short sharp and erm……..sweet. If you have never been on the super quiet roads through the stunning scenery that takes you to Lopwell then you will certainly enjoy this route. Guaranteed to see all sorts of wildlife including literally hundreds of Pheasants, a few White Egrets, Various ducks, Whooper Swans, mullet and if we are very lucky even Salmon heading over the weir as they battle up the River Tavy.

So route is:-

Head up the Plym Valley Cycle Path – Yelverton – Burrator (one lap anticlockwise) – Yelverton – Crapstone – Buckland Monochorum – Milton Coombe – Lopwell (café Stop at the Pumping House) – Tamerton Foliot – Looseleigh Lane – George Hotel – Home – Circa 30 Miles

Looking forward to seeing and riding with the regulars and any first timers. If you are a non member reading this and wanting to test out the pleasure of club riding, then this is the ideal ride for you! Max average speed will be 12 mph or a little less if that is necessary to ensure we all ride in one cohesive and safe group.

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