It has been brought to our attention that a member of the club has been seen discarding gel wrappers whilst on a YOGi ride. Obviously this is unacceptable whether on a YOGi ride or not.

It’s always extremely depressing to see a trail of used gel wrappers on every sportive – not cool! Respect your envronment and set a good example – we know that 99.9% of you do just that.

We’d also like to remind the 00.1% of this part of the YOGi ethos;

  • We remain aware that we are riding under the YOGi Cycling Banner and do not behave in a manner that can harm the clubs reputation.
  • Caring passionately about the trails we ride.
  • Everyone shares our ethos and ensures YOGi Cycling is seen as an exemplary cycling club.
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