Road Ride Etiquette

YOGi Road Rides
Evening routes are usually up to 30 miles. Saturday road routes can be anything from 20 – 100 miles with a café stop on longer rides. Rides can go almost anywhere, usually in a big loop. In bad (but safe) weather the usual form is few turn up, If it just looks like rain but is dry, then we’ll go and just put up with what gets thrown at us.  If however the committee decide there is safety risk due to adverse weather we will cancel all Saturday Road Rides by 8pm on the Friday eve.

In all cases everybody has to make their own call. You are ultimately responsible for your own safety.

The purpose of Saturday runs, for experienced riders, is mainly steady base miles and a chance to meet other riders. It is also about learning how to ride in a group and some of the rules of riding in a group.

Evening road rides are less formal and can be fitness/training rides, it seems demand for slower paced evening rides is always very low, however we are keen to support these should demand be there. If it is take the lead and let us know using our contact e-mail  We are always willing to post a ride as a weekly event as long as it looks like it will be sustainably so!

If you’re interested in coming along, please contact us. New members are welcome.

Riding Etiquette

Here are a few reminders on group riding etiquette. Please remember that we all bear a responsibility for the safety of ourselves and the people we are riding with.

  1. Keep together.
  2. Front riders are the eyes of the group.
  3. Front riders should warn of:-
    • Hazards ahead
    • Change of speed
    • Change of direction
    • Potholes
    • Manhole covers, etc.
    • Parked vehicles
    • Approaching vehicles

    Warnings should be both verbal and by pointing and given in plenty of time.

  4. Any warnings or directions given by the lead riders should be repeated by the following riders and passed down the group from pair to pair.
  5. After any interruption in the ride, e.g. road junctions, roundabouts, stopping for any reason, after a climb or descent, the lead riders should make sure that all riders are back in the group before moving off at normal pace. It is OK to keep moving, and is preferable to keep moving, but slowly until everyone is back together. But don’t make dropped riders have a long chase to get back on, it just makes them even more tired!

Exceptions are:

  • When riders are a long way down, then stopping is an option to consider.
  • When the route involves negotiating roundabouts, road junctions, etc, then waiting at a corner, etc, may be necessary to ensure dropped riders follow the correct route.
  • If novice or unfit riders are present, avoid letting them ride for long periods by themselves on hard sections of the route, i.e. long hills or climbs.
  • Ride in line with the rider in front of you; do not overlap wheels.
  • If gaps appear in the group, warn the riders in front and request them to ease down. Avoid letting large gaps open.
  • Try to ride as a close knit group, including most climbs.
  • When climbing in a group try using the same gear as the rider in front of you; keeping the same cadence helps for smoother riding.
  • When climbing in a group use the same style, i.e. in/out of the saddle.
  • When climbing in a group stay in line and keep your position.
  • When climbing in a group and you cannot hold the wheel in front, do not let a gap open up in front of you – let the rest of the group behind you move forward to keep the group together.
  • Communicate with other riders. If you notice gaps occurring because the pace at the front is too high, ask the riders at the front to ease off. Keep the group together.
  • Change riders at the front frequently, stronger riders doing longer turns, weaker riders shorter.
  • Rear riders should warn of any overtaking vehicles, or instruct the group to form single file to help following traffic when necessary.
  • Rear riders should warn the group if any riders are dropped.

Finally if you need to spit or clear your nose please do it well clear of any other riders. Preferably from the back of the group.

Updated March 2016

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