Saturday Road Ride Descriptions

Leisure Ride
This ride will be ridden at a pace of 10 – 12 mph average speed and not exceed a distance of 30 miles. Aimed at the less experienced rider, likely new to club cycling but reasonably competent and confident to ride in steady traffic when necessary and know they can reasonably cope with this sort of distance. By far the best ride to choose if it is your first ride with us (member or not!) if you are not sure of your ability.

‘A’ Ride  New
This ride is a new option aimed at providing progression for those ready to move up a level, want a recovery ride or simply like to arrive home reasonably early pm. Hence this ride will always be restricted to a near ~12mph average speed and strictly use routes of between 35 and 45 miles.

‘B’ Ride
Typically ridden at a 12-14mph average and cover distances of circa 45 – 65 miles.

‘C’ Ride
Typically ridden at a 14-16mph average and cover distances of circa 45 – 75 miles.

‘D’ Ride
Ridden at 16+ mph average and cover distances of circa 60-80.

For safety & risk mitigation when necessary all rides will be split into groups of 16 riders max. There will be a distinct gap maintained between each group throughout the ride. This also helps to conform to our ethos of being respectful of all other road users.

As ever we are looking for ride leaders and we encourage those who generally ride any particular one of our offerings to help it become self sufficient, whilst ensuring it remains as described.

To volunteer to lead any ride please state your intention under the ‘Sticky’ post entitled yes you’ve guessed it Saturday Road Ride Leaders on the web site ‘News’ page.

Rides Review meetings we will be set up on occasions and will be ‘open to all’ sessions.  Anyone welcome to suggest a theme or topic.

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