Membership Renewals

As you will probably know, annual membership to YOGi Cycling commences on 1st June and expires on the following 31st May.

Anyone joining the club after the 1st January will not need to renew until the 1st June of the following year (effectively, someone joining on 1st January will be covered for 15 months!).

It has now been six weeks since the renewal date and there are a number of people who have not yet renewed. This is possibly because they no longer wish to ride with us but there are at least a few names there who are still regulars!

Unless we hear differently, it will be considered that the following persons will not be renewing their membership.

If your name is on the list and you wish to renew please click here to renew before 31st July. If you see someone’s name who you think may not realise, could you please let them know before 31st July. If your name is on this list and you have already renewed please contact us before 31st July.

After the 31st July any names the are remaining on this list will be removed from the membership.

Chris Agnew
Lucy Allan
Helen Andrews
Guy Armitt
Lew Bean
Tom Becker
David Bennett
Chris Blewett
Robert Boyes
Ben Causon
Keith Chapman
Marc Chapman
Jonathan Couch
Les Cundy
Kris Curtis
Chris Davies
Mike Deacon
William Debois
William Dickinson
Patrick Dollard
James Dunn
Dave Elliott
Alistair Elson
Hywel Evans
Nigel Evans
Stephen Foale
Jon Freeman
Paul Gibbins
Paul Glass
Lyndsey Glazier
Robbie Godfrey
Andrew Goodricke
Lauren Groch
Craig Guest
Stephen Hall
Morgan Hanson
Simon Hardy
Stewart Harris
James Harrison
Kevin Hartigan
Dan Hilton
Alli Holland
Paul Hooper
Sharon Hooper
Scott Horne
Alex Howe
David Hughes
Kim Hunter
Jason Hurst
Joanne Jago
Tom Jeffcote
Tom Jenkins
Pete Kerton
Richard Lander Stow
Robin Leach
Daniel Lloyd
Chris Maccullie
Luke Mackinder
Neil McCarthy
Rob McKinnon
Brian Mercer
Ross Milbourn
James Millen
Alex Mitchell
David Noble
Mike Noble
Scott Nodding
Chris O’leary
Richie Ogle
Gemma Page-Dove
Janie Paice
Ruth Paradine
Russ Parkin
Michelle Parsons
Steve Payne
Rhys Pepper
Gary Plowman
Melanie Pohu
Darren Pond
Andrew Pooley
Josh Pope
Sam Powell
Stephen Raine
Richard Rawlings
Simon Romaine
Will Russell
Nick Ruston
Anthony Sanderson
Rick Sanderson
Emma Sargent
Jon Scantlebury
Sam Shannon
Oliver Shirley
Linda Skinner
Helen Smart
Jeffrey Stevenson
Thomas Sutherland
Rebecca Sutton
Gary Thomas
Nick Thompson
Adrian Thornton
Jim Toggle
Susan Torrance
Simon Verrechia
James Ward
Sarah Watson-Fisher
Sam Whittlesea
Stephen Wilbraham
Ross Wildman
Matt Williams
Matt Williamson
Mark Wilson


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