Mountain Bike Ride for Roadies and Even MTBers! – Saturday 1st October

Having chatted to a few of you at the AGM it seemed there is a bit of an appetite for another one of our occasional Saturday ‘Depart from YOGi HQ MTB rides’. So this will be another ride led by Ian and me both of us also having that urge to do some MTBing again.  We expect the trails are pretty dry err…………despite the last 24 hrs so seems a waste not to enjoy them before they once again become a winter mud fest.

It’s also an opportunity for those of us who are riding next weeks Tour De Moor an opportunity to hone existing/new/lost skills (delete as appropriate) in preparation.  None of them fit, then remember a change is as good as rest!  So an ideal follow up to Becky and Mikes ride of last week!

We will meet as usual 09:00 am (to help’s save a confusing start this ride will be the last ride to depart).

The route will be a bit of a mystery tour as we will pick up lots of off road options including a fun loop through Cann Woods but eventually ending up at Princetown.  Reason 1:  Its the obvious place to end the outward leg of a long MTB ride, 2: we can fill up on victuals at The Foxtor Café, oh and 3: Its largely downhill all the way back.

We think most of it could be ridden on a Cross Bike if you prefer but there will be some bits where it might be wise to ‘Hike a Bike’.  So your call and you are welcome on whichever bike you choose.

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