Mountain Biker? 18-30? Read on…..

Interested in being part of research that could impact how the coast and countryside is managed for you?

It would be great for some club members to take part in this….if only I were a few days younger I’d do it myself.    :

“Hello, my name is Josey and I am a student at the European Centre for Environment and Human Health ( Currently I am investigating the relationship shared between young adults, their sport, environmental charities and our connection to the natural environment.

Who am I looking for?

  • Females and males
  • Aged between 18-30
  • Who would describe themselves as keen mountain bikers, surfers, trail runners or climbers
  • Who have been dedicated to their sport for at least a year or more

What would you have to do?

  • Meet up with me for one interview which will last between 1 ½  – 2 hours
  • We will talk about your personal sporting experiences, the natural environment, and environmental charities in general. Specifically we will also talk about the National Trust

What do you need to bring to the Interview?

  • During the interview I will ask you: “can you give me a sense of what it is like for you whilst you are mountain biking”
  • If you feel that this question can be best illustrated with the help of photographs, videos etc please feel free to bring them along.  I would really love to see them

Where can I get more information about the project?

Please do feel free to contact me. I would be really happy to talk to you about what I am doing, with no pressure to take part.

(Josey is a keen off-road runner herself and does some cycling so you’re not going to be talking to someone who doesn’t understand what being out, exhausted and covered in mud is about! )

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