MTB Adventure Ride – Thursday 28th July 2011 (Words)

What a cracking evening for an adventure ride…. Dartmoor was looking superb!

We started this ride from Cox Tor car park just past Merrivale quarry. Morgan had been away working in Reading for the day but in true Yogi style had loaded his bike and kit with the hope of joining us…. not sure how many point he accrued on the way but true to his word he was in the car park waiting.

RIDERS PRESENT: Windy, Morgan, James, Scott, Paul M, Keith, Colin, Tim, Matt, Chris, Steve, Alex, a new rider to  adventure rides Dave and the two dogs Bracken and Buster.

We rode around Cox Tor and headed off-road down towards Peter Tavey following some sweat technical single track, which caught a few out mentioning no names.. Tim!! oh and me:-) we crossed the small wooden bridge at the bottom of the cleave and then proceeded to head up hill for what seemed like an age…. fun though!!!!!!. Unfortunately normal service resumed with Scott getting a puncture at the top of the next climb….. we thought these days were over when he purchased his new bike, but unfortunately it was stolen a few weeks ago doh:-( The drag took us up Lich path passing Stephens gave with White Tor on our left.

The aim was to get to White Tor standing stone which is the 3rd tallest stone on the moor, “if you look carefully on the west side of the stone you can see the bullet marks from where the army used it as a firing target many years ago”

We then picked up a lovely flowing sheep track which took us up to Roos Tor and on over to Great Staple Tor. We had a regroup here and gazed at the sky, what a lovely red sunset.  We then took the little known granite path over to Cox Tor for the final long grassy decent back to the car park, by then it was dark and a number of us had not brought lights Doh!!!…. a lesson for everyone here the nights are drawing in slowly but surly. It’s unbelievable the speed you can get on this decent but watch the humps and bumps especially without lights:-).

The night was finished of by a customary pint and packet of crisps at a local establishment. Our newbie certainly seemed to enjoy himself… well done Dave.





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