MTB Adventure Ride – Thursday 11th August (Words)

It was a wet August night but a good gathering of over 12 riders turned up at Yelverton for the Thursday Adventure ride. No Windy this week (sunning himself in spain) so Andy Pearse led us on the Dwarf run. The route is superb in the dry but with the added moisture in the air it steps up a level in difficulty thanks to the slippery roots and lower than normal overhanging branches. Not long from the car we had our first mechanical as Robs tyre gave out and then moments later we lost a rear mech hanger which was fortunately replaced by Robs spare hanger…not before rob made a nice gouge in his hand after slipping on the wet grass. Despite the weather and slippery conditions a grand night topped off with the obligatory stop at the pub for beer and crisps 🙂

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