MTB Coaching sessions

** NOTE DATE CHANGE for Advanced Coaching days**

The club survey last year indicated that many MTB members would like some training.  We are intending to provide this in two levels to try and cover as many of the regular club riders as possible. We have secured funding through the committee to be able to heavily subsidise the advanced course from club funds, whilst the intermediate course will be internally provided at zero cost to members.

The aim of the courses are to improve people’s general technique at all levels in typical riding situations, but also to help those that race XC.

1. Advanced – 1 Day Coaching
Aimed at the more technical riders in the club wishing to push their technical ability and speed over technical terrain.

Coach: Jay Williamson – see Jay in action at Cardinham
Location: Gawton Downhill Tracks
Dates: 1 day 10am – 3pm – please choose one day out of Friday 6, or Sat 7 or Sun 8th March 2015.
Groups of 6 riders per day.

Skill level required:
Riders should already be attempting jumps over at least a 2ft (0.7m) drop off.  As a guide this means you should be happy jumping the two middle jumps on Joey’s lane, below Sheepstor. And able to ride steep mud and roots sections like the new hidden valley switchback descent, or able to clear the Dwarf Run descent.

Cost: £25 per person (subsidised 50%)

Intermediate – 3 or 4 Half Day/Evening sessionsFor anyone else wishing to improve skills on typical club Fun/Adventure rides.
No Minimum skill level, for regular Yogi MTB Riders.

Coaches: Windy and John
Dates: TBD, but starting end of March to April.
This will be delivered as a series of 3 or 4 half day or evening sessions during March / April
Location: Central Park, Cann Woods and Burrator.
Cost: Free

These sessions are intended to be fun peer sessions where everyone involved can work on their general riding and technical skills. We will provide a progression of skills techniques that will help you to ride technical sections more fluently and with more confidence and speed.

The courses are for those that are paid up Yogi members. Priority will be given to those that ride regularly on club MTB rides.

Please register your interest by adding your name below in the comments, Advanced Riders MUST commit if they book, and will need to Pay £25. Intermediate are just registering an interest at this stage so we can gauge demand.

Important – Please indicate which course preference (advanced or intermediate) and if advanced, which is your preferred date.

I need to confirm the booking to Jay by 8th January for the advanced Course.

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8 Responses to MTB Coaching sessions

  1. Robert Sang says:

    I would like to be considered for the intermediate coaching.

  2. Stephen Coker says:

    Intermediate please

  3. Mike Gould says:

    Intermediate please.

  4. Andy Westcott says:

    I’d be interested in the Intermediate.

  5. Tony Burman says:

    Hi john. Where abouts are the trails you mentioned above in the skills reqd section? I can’t do the courses due to time restrictions but am always looking for good local trails. Thanks

  6. John Allan says:

    Hi Tony. The best thing for finding new trails would be to come on one of the MTB rides. Not sure if you have done so or not, so apologies if you already have!

    All the MTB ride leader know the Plymouth are woodlands and the moors extremely well, and it’ll be rare for you to not to be riding new trails.

    Joeys lane is the one runs down to west of Sheepstor down to the road, unusually it’s a bridle path. The other one you’ll need to come out with us to find. It’s pretty difficult to find both of them without being shown.

  7. John Allan says:

    Advanced course booking
    Please refer to YOGI Cycling (MTB) facebook page regarding who has been booked on what days. If you have been given a place then please sign up and pay here :

    Payments MUST be received by 27th February.
    DO NOT use this form if you are not shown on the list.


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