MTB Fun Ride Cancelled This Week (Sorry)

Hi All,

Unfortunately this weeks 1st Saturday of the month fun ride is cancelled because I am leading a charity ride “North to South Dartmoor Challenge” incorporating a camping stopover. If you think you’re fit enough and would like to take part please contact me on 07827353972

See details below:

This ride is for Lynda and Dave Budd’s charity.

DAY 1: will start at Okehampton, we will ride across the moor camping on the eastern side somewhere near Venford reservoir, where we will meet Lynda, who will have the camping equipment. Lynda and Dave will provide a BBQ and a few drinks but if you want bring more along they will carry them in the van for you 🙂

DAY 2: We will ride XC across the moors finishing at Burrator.

There are logistics involved in this challenge ie transport to Okehampton, camping equipment, food, drink etc. so if you are interested this challenge, it will cost £25 per head, after deductions for food etc. The remainder will go towards the charity.

Lynda will be attending this Thursday’s MTB Adventure Ride so we can all drop our equipment off with her, alternatively you can drop stuff off at Lynda & Dave’s house during the week.

– KIT LIST: Tent, Sleeping bag, Clothes, Foldable chair, Cup, Knife Fork, Beer/Wine, Deodorant 😀
– Meet at Yelverton Rock @09:00 Saturday 6th July.
– Arrange car share to limit number of vehicles travelling to Okehampton.
– Plan to leave the remaining cars at Yelverton.
– Drive out to Okehampton in convoy.
– Start riding @10:30 (remember to bring a packed lunch)
– We will ride from Okehampton Camp on an array of XC terrain crossing the North side of Dartmoor over to Venford Reservoir.
– There we will meet Lynda with all our equipment.
– Set up base camp BBQ and beers (remember to bring your own beer)
– Plan to depart base camp @10:00 Sunday 7th July. (remember packed lunch)
– Plan to ride over to Avon Dam covering the East side of Dartmoor.
– We will then head West towards Burrator Dam covering the Western side of Dartmoor.
– Arrive back at the cars in Yelverton for a well earned pint.
– Decamp equipment from Lynda and arrange to get back to Okehampton to collect the drop off cars.

On On Windy 😀

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