MTB Fun Ride – Sat 17th Sep 2011

This Saturdays Fun Ride saw a fantastic turnout of riders for the 3rd Saturday of the Month ride, especially considering the ominous forecast and looming dark clouds as we drove out from Plymouth towards Dartmoor.

Yogi Fun Ride - 17th September 2011

Riders - Simeon, Simon, Dom, Ronnie, Andy, Liz, Penny, Jane, Lucy, John, Alex, James + 2 more not in the photo as they were still getting ready.

Meeting at Roborough Rock, it was also good to see a few more youngsters along – I think Jane and Lucy had been recruiting friends so they have some younger company. We had 14 in all, making a fairly large group, and the best turnout for one of our new 3rd Saturday rides so far.

James and Alex had been told to go to the Yelverton Rock, so a quick text from the Girls had them cycling back to Roborough Rock – They had gone to The Rock Inn instead, an easy mistake!

Setting off down the Dwarf run, one of our newcomers decided not to continue. He was riding with fairly slick tires which were becoming extremely uncontrollable in the wet and muddy conditions, so he decided to retire and cycle back to the car across the common despite assurances that we would wait for him.

The Dwarf Run was pretty slippy in the wet, with loads of off-camber roots on the single track path.  There were a few minor falls, but we were still all in one peice as we came out at the Tavy. Even Penny couldn’t be persuaded to take a swim this week – Autumn has definately arrived.

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