MTB Ride For All (Cross/Gravel Bikes Also Welcome) – Saturday 11th February

As Saturday looks like being a raw ole’ day preceded by a decent dry spell, seems the perfect opportunity for a good long MTB ride usual start time of 09:00.

I’m pretty sure most of this route can be ridden on a Cross/Gravel Bike too, though if that be your choice, do be aware that the ride aims to suit all levels so could be a tad slow on the climbs and a bit fast on the downs. We will see:)! Whatever it is going to be a club ride not an all-out suffer fest!  Plan is to stay reasonably low down with a decent distance, good climbs and descents.  On proper ‘Off Road’ trails of course.

Route is:-

Coypool – Up the Cann Wood Climb – Back Down to the Cycle Path – Maristow Gate –Roborough Down – Old Airfield to Pound – Walkham Valley (great Single track) – Descent to the River – Follow river to Double Waters and Gem Bridge (more brilliant single track) – From Gem Bridge on Drakes Trail to Café stop at Grenofen – Drakes Trail – Yelverton – Plym Valley Cycle path to Clearbrook – Then a choice!

Either: Alongside a mix of Drakes Leat/moorland single-track to the Dartmoor Diner – Roborough Village -Woolwell – Woolwell Woods Descent (pretty darn technical downhill in places) – Pick up the cycle path near the Peregrine Viaduct  – Coypool.

Or: From Clearbrook straight back using the Plym Valley Cycle Path to Coypool

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