New Committee Member Volunteers – Now Make Your Choice (by Thurs 14th June)

Great news!

We have five members who have put themselves forward to join the committee, we are treating them all as both rolling and permanent!

These are their names and short statements in alphabetical order.

As an often outspoken and vociferous member of the club, i think it is about time i put my money where my mouth is and help steer the club on its future course. Paul Brindley

I feel that I would be suited as I have attended meeting to help the successful running of the club as well as leading rides on both Wednesdays and Saturdays. I am enthusiastic about keeping Yogi Cycling Club running successfully. I am fully aware that this will involve giving up time on my part by I feel the club is worth it. I also feel that it would be good for someone from the slower end of the club to have a place on the committee. Ray Cooke

Yogi cycling is great and I want to contribute with practical action and exiting stuff. One of the clubs qualified coaches can do loads for members with the support of, and as part of, the committee. Pick me, pick me, pick me. Dave Fletcher

“I love cycling and have been a proud member since 2009. Last year I committed myself to supporting the club by maintaining the website. Now that this is ticking along nicely, I would like to help in other ways.” Graham Lang

I would LOVE to take this on as im a very approachable,enthusiastic and passionate cyclist and regular ride leader. I am well known and welcoming and love bikes 🙂 Russ Parkin

Now it’s time for your contributions so please do your bit by voting for any two of our volunteers on the basis of what you know about them and their statements above that make you think will do most to meet your preference for deveolping YOGi Cycling.  Simply add their name’s to an e-mail and send to closing date is Thursday 14th June.

The results will be made public at our AGM on Saturday 16th June.



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