Newport Velodrome Trip

Newport Velodrome

Just gaining feedback and interest at this stage and nothing set in stone.

So after another very successful trip to the Velodrome last year and small previous years before that. We have decided to look into the availability of two trips in 2017 (1x Early Season & 1x End of Season) For those who haven’t been before, it really is a fantastic experience!!

I’ve received dates and whilst there is bucket loads of available dates at the end of the Season. There is very little at the beginning!. The soonest and only available date in fact is 8am – 12 noon on Sunday 16th April (Easter Sunday)

So before confirming anything, I wanted to gain interest to see what the take up would be if we were to book the Easter Sunday Session?

Names below please for those who could attend on this date and not be divorced for doing so!

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