Official Road rides – Starting Locations

Following recent discussion at both the Road ride Sub Group meeting and the Club Commitee meeting. It has been decided to Trial over the coming months, the option of different starting locations for our Official Road rides.

B&Q or “Furniture World” Car Park as it soon may have to be adopted. Will continue to be our HQ following a recent agreement. However the decision to change starting locations will allow more variant in routes, especially for those riding on the Leisure or A road rides who are restricted by their maximum mileage allowance.

This will be at a policy of only 1 alternate starting location per group ride per month and no more for the time being. These rides will continue to have a start time of 9am and will be posted on a Tuesday to allow members taking part to organise the logistics of getting to the designated start place.

We ask that these alternate starting locations for the moment are no more than 10 miles away from HQ (Examples – Yelverton, Wrangaton, Saltash, Torpoint) And that the Leader and Riders continue to ride within the required Speed and Mileage levels as per that Group.

Upon completion of the Trial we will meet again to discuss views, feedback and whether we continue by making this a firm part of our Road rides.

It would be great to have your feedback also, so please let us know your thoughts below in the Comments section of the website only.

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