Pre and On Ride Bike Maintenance Evening – Friday 14th March

Venue -The ELM Centre, Estover (near Asda Chemist and the Jolly Miller pub. Be there for 7pm.

Following a request from some of our members Ian and I are running another of our bike maintenance evenings.  And while we do so Mary (Ian’s lovely mum) will be serving tea. How superbly English eh! Oh and the club will fund the venue and the tea/coffee.

This will be a ‘You Do’ and we instruct eve so bring your own tools, Allen keys, tyre leavers, 8mm and 10mm spanners if your cables are clamped by bolts not allen keys.  Other helpful kit if you have them is a work stand (or a turbo trainer) to support your bike and a track pump, if not we can share and swap as necessary.  Oh and do wash your bike thoroughly including your wheels and ideally your chain, cassette and chainrings too.  Save getting covered in black grime. Err obviously!

During the session you will learn by practicing how to:-

  • Remove and refit a tyre and check for cause of a puncture
  • Adjust front and rear gear indexing including adjusting the stop screws on the mechs
  • Adjust brakes/replace brake blocks
  • check and adjust head set bearings
  • conduct before you leave from home pre ride safety check, the idea being that subsequently you do this the evening before all your future rides 🙂

If you intend coming along please put your name down below.  To  keep it easy to keep count simply copy the previous name(s) in the last comment, paste into a new comment and then add your own name.

We can accommodate 12 members so once we reach 12 by all means start a reserve list.  If we are inundated we will consider running another one, likely April/May.


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