Pre-Christmas Saturday 16 Ride – 20th December

This weeks fun 16 ride will be lead by Adrian Longman, in his own words…

“Hi Chaps, here’s the plan for Saturdays ride. \
As it’s pre-Christmas drinks week we’ll aim to be back at the Burrator Inn for 1p.m. The route is 62 miles and is the Western end of the Classic route taking us out to Lydford with the lumps of Batteridge, Pork and Merrivale on the return leg. Then its into the out for a well earned pint!! 🙂
The pace will be steady as we ease ourselves into a month or so of base riding. Greg and I will be driving to the Burrator Inn and riding down to Coypool if anyone wants to join us. We’ll be leaving Burrator at 8:30 latest! See you there, Cheers Adrian”

I’ll be sorry to miss this one but best wishes to all the YOGi’s for a Happy Christmas and even more brilliant rides in the New Year 😀

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