Prudential Ride London – Sunday 10th August

Hi Everyone,

I know that a lot of us have been disappointed not to be allocated a place on the Prudential Ride London, arguably one the best sportive type event in the UK, closed roads and all!  So here is a some great news!  The organiser has opened up a number of team places specifically for British Cycling affiliated clubs. There are a few caveats:-

  • Teams to be entered centrally via the club (I will do this after our closing date)
  • individuals must be a paid up member of British Cycling (If you are not yet a BC member and want to apply you must join pretty much like now!)
  • each rider within the team must pay their own entry fee (£48) and complete their own online entry form
  • all four riders in the team must have completed and paid for their entry by Friday 25th April, or the team will lose its place.

To keep things as simple as possible we are going to enter three teams and open places to anyone who meets the above criteria so if you want to be considered, please add your name in ‘Comments’ below, copy and paste the previous entry and add your name.  Our closing date Sunday 16th March @ 18:30.

If we have more than 12 applicants then names will be put in to a hat and drawn out at one of the rides starts by a randomly chosen member.  In an ideal world we will have one all male, one all female and one mixed team so by all means let me know if you have a preference and I will try and accommodate.  This might be impracticable so sorry but no guarantees.

There are 400 team positions available and should these be exceeded clubs will have the number of teams they can enter reduced accordingly.  If that happens we will simply conduct another transparent selection process!  Going by the apparently vast numbers who have been unsuccessful entering as individuals, this might well be the case.  Another reason to limit ourselves to three teams!

Please carefully read the information here before committing we really don’t want anyone backing out once we have gone through this process.  Having said that it would be great to see a big response and possibly see the YOGi kitted out teams on TV! Yes ideally we expect you to wear our team kit.

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