Prudential Ride London Team Entry Opportunity – Sunday 2nd August

Once again as a British Cycling Affiliated club we have been offered the opportunity to enter teams into the Prudential Ride London Event (potentially three teams of 4).   Though I add caution as its possible we will actually be reduced to only one team (even none).  All other affiliated clubs have also been invited to enter teams and a fair allocation is made depending on take up.  This was the approach used last year when indeed we were offered just the one place.

The event takes place on Sunday 2nd August and each rider within the team must pay their own entry fee (£58) and complete their own online entry form; all 4 riders in the team must have completed and paid for their entry by 17 April or the team will lose its place.

This year we are using the opportunirty to reward those who have contributed their time to the club by initially offering the opportunity for members to put themselves forward for selection if they meet any of the following criteria:-


  • have led a sanctioned YOGi Ride
  • arranged an official YOGi event (social or ride related)
  • has volunteered their time for any other official club event
  • Should you not meet any of the above criteria but not yet had a succesful individual application accepted (we are going on trust for this 🙂 ) but would like to be put on a reserve list you are welcome to apply too.  Please make it clear you are applying as a reserve.  

Please note this is a team event and separate from the individual event that many of our members have already entered. As such this year we expect all 4 team members to actually ride as a team and agree to meet for the start and help each other round the whole ride. If that is not your thing sorry but you need not apply!


Once you have fully understood and meet the above criteria and want to apply please email by Friday 27th March.


When we know our number of team entries accepted we will conduct a fair and open lottery draw, likely before one of our official club rides. There are opportunities to enter either a team of the same sex or a mixed team (yep has to be two of each!).


In view of the above we have not yet worked out the final logistics of a fair draw but first please just send your application. That is the urgent action right now!



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