Recommencing Club Rides – COVID 19 Controlled – (Starting from 3rd December)

Hi All,

We are delighted to be able to re-open Club rides from Thursday 3rd December. All group rides will continue to adhere to British Cycling and Cycling UK’s guidelines. Whilst also adhering to the Rule of 6 and the Governments new Local Tier system. For full details visit;

We are fortunate enough to be able to cross counties, so please remember;

If you live in a tier 1 area and travel to an area in a higher tier you should follow the rules for that area while you are there.

If you live in a tier 2 area, you must continue to follow tier 2 rules when you travel to a tier 1 area

Road Rides

With immediate effect and to keep things simple we ask that if you want to lead a ride you simply post the details giving at least 48 hrs notice on to the YOGi FB page. Please provide, meeting time and date, the ride route and the average speed (as our std ride descriptions). If you want to join a posted ride simply say so under the ‘Comments’. Once there are 5 takers that means the ride is full. To help this run smoothly please only put your name down when you are certain you will join the ride. Please keep abreast of socially distanced requirements and do all you can to ensure the safety of others. If you then develop Covid 19 symptoms please advise the ride leader and do not attempt to join any ride until the advised self isolation period has ended, or you have tested negative with a COVID test.

If you have symptoms you can book a test online on the Gov website, with results normally within 24hrs from the drive or walkAt the Carpark please stay very spaced out, and absolutely no more than 6 people in any one cluster.

MTB Rides

We will now post rides as normal. But please comment if you are intending to turn up to make it slightly easier to gauge numbers. At the initial meeting point (normally Roborough Rock) we will split into groups of no more than 6. Some flexibility with who you normally ride with may be required.

Groups will be evenly split where possible e.g if we have 15= 5+5+5. We expect always have enough people that can lead to cater for all groups. Each group can either follow the main group around in bunches at a good distance, or ride their own ride.

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