Hi all, as you are all aware the club has grown massively over the last few years and we peaked at around 450 earlier this year, that’s a massive credit to everyone who rides and makes the club such a unique and welcoming experience.

However, this comes with the annual problem of trying to remind everyone to renew and keep track of any who may for whatever reason not wish to do so.  This year, we have after much chasing and trying to establish who’s in and who’s out decided to enlist your help 🙂  Below is a complete list of all those yet to renew and pay the exorbitant annual membership fee of £10! (there may be some who have now paid so please accept an apology if your name is on there and shouldn’t be!). We are aware some members rarely check their e mails, may have changed their e-mail, or indeed just haven’t got around to letting us know yet, so if you know someone on the list please remind them they need to renew or let us know they wish to decline to join.  Clearly if they are on a ride then that would be an ideal time to remind them that to ride with us….and be fair to everyone else who has paid, that they need to do the same!

Our intention is to allow a grace period until the end of August after which time all those listed below will have their access to the web site removed,  also if they are on a club ride after that date they will be courteously asked to leave.  We will also be sending a copy of this post to the last known e-mail of those below as a final reminder.

Please reply to with any questions on renewals, any new contact details, or to let us know you no longer wish to be a member.

The list………..

Abbie Dale
Adam Davies
Alli Holland
Andy Norris
Andy Pearse
Angela Berry
Anthony Sanderson
Barry Kemp
Ben Brown1
Ben Gdanitz
Ben Tadiar
Brian Bullen
Caroline Mather
Charles Roberts
Chris Cuddihee
Clay Cowie
Clive Gibbons
Craig Powell
Craig Stoneman
Dave List
David Burgess
Emma Whittlesea
Gabriel Clarke
Garry Jennings
Garth Tutte
Gary Hammond
Gavin Davies
Graham Shaw
Greg Clark
Hannah Wilson-Rudd
Hasani Ade
Ian Cording
Ian Crabb
Ian Critchley
Isabel Parsons
Jack Ansell
Jacob Keat
James Watkins
James Webber
Jason Bramhall
Jez Dennis
Jim Toggle
John Hodge
John Manly
John Norris
Jon Aggett
Julie Gardner
Julie Lang
Justin Austin
Justin Burrow
Karen Cleland
Katie Lenton
Lee Maunder
Lee Rounce
Lee Tomlinson
Leon Harvey
Liger Alexandre
Marc Slater
Mark Davidson
Mark Perkins
Mark Westlake
Mike Taylor
Mike Weller
Miles Earl
Nicholas Bray
Nicholas Thompson
Nick Crawley
Nick Sheraton
Nicola Lilley
Nigel Hook
Nigel Jackson
Owain Hughes
Owen Owen
Ray Cooper
Robin Hughes
Rog Floyd
Roger Knight
Sam Whittlesea
Sarah Austin
Sarah Parry
Sean Mumford
Simon Crocker
Stephen Moon
Stephen Pritchard
Steve Bolt
Tim Chudley
Tim Mitchell
Tony Bradley
Vaughan Brean
Wendy Cording

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