Ride Leaders/Helpers Needed – *Update*

I wanted to add the paragraph below to this post.

For those that already give up a lot of their time in order to lead and help out with rides, your assistance and commitment to the club is very much appreciated and valued. If we can get some extra people coming forward then the burden on everyone is less, so we really hope that this post will help other members to give it a go too. But current YOGi leaders and helpers – a very BIG thank you! We all know who you are and you are doing such a grand job with the rides too. 🙂

YOGi’s, we are in need of more volunteers to help out with the Saturday rides.

You might be wondering what is required?

Basically, there is no need for you to be able to sit at the front of your group. It is quite acceptable for someone within the group to be nominated as the front marker and setting the pace. Likewise a back marker can also be nominated which would allow for you to move within the group ensuring all is ok. That said if you feel more comfortable sitting on the front as a ride leader that is fine too.

Leisure Ride 18th JuneYou are not required to have to come up with a route. In regard to the Saturday 14 ride it is fine for this ride to follow the Sat 16 route. In actual fact this might be a good thing to do, because it would then allow for those wishing to ride at a faster pace to have some flexibility as they could join the Sat 16 and if they find it too much, drop back to join the Sat 14. That said if you are a ‘map’ type person, and enjoy devising routes or coming up with an alternative route that is ok too. There are also a number of routes available to choose from on this site. Take a gander here.

Your role as a ride leader is to ensure the group remains as such. So to ensure all junctions are covered, mechanicals are sorted etc. I guess you could call yourself the co-ordinator or communicator of the group. And as such your decisions should be respected by those riding.

It’s really just a case of explaining what is going to happen prior to the ride departure, so who is looking after the front with everyone remaining behind that person and who is going to look after the back.

Rest assured you will find the group to be helpful. You won’t find yourself alone, there are plenty of experienced riders that are happy to assist.

If you’d like to lead as a pair that’s also fine.

So we are very flexible to enable the diversity that you all bring to be valued and recognised. 🙂

However, I must stress that unless we have enough people to offer to help and lead rides then the rides ( which are your rides after all) will not be able to go ahead.

So YOGi’s do come along now and email me at Rachael@yogicycling.com. When you do (and I am looking forward to lots of responses) please let me know what paced ride you are interested in.

Thanking you all kindly


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