Ride Leaders Required This Saturday?

Okay so it’s Dartmoor Classic time and many will be carbo loading, sleeping, polishing their spokes, working out how to ensure they make their time objective etc………and good luck to everyone who is riding, have fun and be safe.

But it looks like we have no leaders for any of the rides, so here is a plea for anyone to come forward and have a go at leading any of our usual Saturday offerings below. It would be a good week to give it a go if you have never tried leading yet, as likely small numbers.

The Leisure Ride (max Av 12mph and between 25 -30 miles distance)

Saturday ’12’

Saturday ’14’

Saturday ’16’

The alternative is turn up and agree a plan(s) through a democratic discussion.  Not our preferred option but that approach is fine, just as long as everyone adheres to our rides ethos and remains extra mindful of safety and avoids causing undue disruption to other road users.

If you want to volunteer do so under ‘Comments’ below and make it clear which ride and chosen route.

Of course we always appreciate ride volunteers not just for this Saturday so see the ‘Sticky’ Post for details and put your name down.

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