Rides Schedule – All Cancelled Until Further Notice

Hi Everyone,

Here is this week’s ride schedule!

Non members are very welcome to try two of our rides, ideally try, ‘like’ and ’join’.  That way the club is suitably insured and we think a fair approach too!

To join costs £21 for Adult membership.  Please select the £10 Joining Fee plus £11.00 membership (or Family) subscription fee using the Webcollect membership system and choose the Online Direct debit payment method which also saves 5% over Paypal.

Join YOGI Cycling

You will receive confirmation of payment immediately and then a formal welcome and your membership number, usually within one week of paying and completing your application. In the unlikely event you cannot access our on line application, please let us know via our contact e-mail info@yogicycling.com

If you are visiting the area let us make you welcome and show you some great riding. We expect all those who join our rides to check out our guide to group riding (see elsewhere on this ‘News Page’) and the ‘Rides Ethos’ at the bottom of this article. Both aim to ensure everyone’s enjoyment and safety!

MTB Cross Country Ride – Tuesday 

Meet at 5:50 pm @ B&Q Coypool, Plympton leaving at 6.00 pm prompt, though if you can’t make the start point in time but would like to meet up with this ride en route you will be very welcome and by phoning Marcus on 07772 314925.  He will agree a suitable rendezvous point (typically The Dartmoor Diner!) though some flexibility available on this.

Best phone him on the day (before 4:30 ideally!) just to help route planning. Be aware this is a pretty quick ride but not for those who only ride with their race head attached.

In fairness to others please do not try this for your first YOGi MTB ride, instead attend one of our a Saturday ‘Fun MTB Rides’ where you will be advised which ride(s) best suit your ability.

Road Ride – Wednesday Meet  6.30 pm @ B&Q, Coypool, Plympton.

We post this ride on the understanding that you turn up and take a chance on there being others choosing to ride at a pace that suits you, there generally will be! We do not pre arrange leaders instead members (and guests) choose a ride and route that will best suit their ability.  There will be some group discussions to agree routes and average pace so by all means come prepared to add your ideas and/or take the lead for any one of them.

Ideally and considering the size of our membership often we will have volunteer leaders/co leaders and enough of a turnout to perm at least a couple of rides usually these end up being one at around the ’12 – 14′ mpg average pace and the other at around a 14 -16 mph average pace. Though if demand and numbers are sufficient we add other options on an ad hoc basis. All those who want a slower ride really must be willing to say so and we will try to run a group accordingly.  If no one indicates they want such a ride then potentially the ride(s) will be the faster ones.

To summarise then: this evening’s rides options are highly dependant on members coming forward to do their bit either by leading/co leading and/or choosing a route and ride pace thats suits others who have turned up!

If you know of others wanting to ride at a similar speed/distance co-ordinate with them to turn up on the same evening and by all means post your intentions under ‘Comments’ under this weekly rides post, it’s always possible that is just the incentive one or two others need to turn up too!

If you are new and not sure of your ability level, probably advisable to try our led Saturday Leisure Road Ride first.

Whichever ride you choose we expect everyone to show the necessary self-discipline and to join a ride you know you are capable of keeping up with.  That way others can safely choose an option knowing exactly what to expect.

MTB Adventure Ride – Thursday 

Meet at Yelverton car park@ 7:15 pm, then you will drive to ride start point. Not a beginner level ride but nor is this for racer’s, it can be quite technical but pace will suit most moderately fit riders.  Expect to be back at the ride starting point between 9:30 and 10:00 pm having ridden approx. 10 miles.

Full on MTB lights essential all year round. Keep your eye on the Weekly rides post on the Home page just in case there is a late change of meeting point, very occasionally there is!

In fairness to others please do not try this for your first YOGi MTB ride, instead attend one of our a Saturday ‘Fun /Social MTB Rides’ where you will be advised which ride(s) best suit your ability. There is an optional post ride social pint so best bring a change of clothes.

MTB Fun/Social Ride – 1st and 3rd Saturday Every Month (plus occasional extra rides watch the web site)

Meet 10:00am venue to be confirmed, see separate ‘News’ item where details will be posted by the Friday before each ride. These rides run on the first and third Saturday of each month.

The length of the ride varies, but generally it will be at least 2.5 to 3hrs covering between 8-12 miles of rough terrain, so we are back in the Pub for Lunch at around 1:00 to 1:30pm.  However, when the weather looks good we will often run longer rides that will cover up to 20 Miles of technical terrain with a finish time around mid to late afternoon.

The level is suitable for newcomers to the club that either have some experience of off-road cycling or MTB, and/or perhaps have a generally good level of fitness from another sport or activity.  These rides are also suitable for an experienced leisure MTB or XC rider that enjoy the benefits and camaraderie that comes when riding with like-minded people. Pace is set for the slowest rider, but it’s also a great social ride for more experienced riders as well.

All we ask is that your bike is in a safe condition with off-road tyres and if you are a junior you bring along a parent/legal guardian.  13 year olds are probably the youngest we advise coming along, but feel free to call about this as it’s not a hard and fast rule.

If you are new to the club, or thinking of coming along and would like to talk to someone, please feel to contact John or Penny Allan:  Tel 01752 426105 / Mob: 07824505817 or Steve (Windy) Monk 07827 353972 or email mtb@yogicycling.com

MTB Cross Country Ride– Saturday  Meet 9.30 am @ B&Q, Coypool, Plympton.

Exploring the local area at a pace suitable for reasonably fit riders.  Can be technical at times so not suitable for novices or youngsters. 20 – 30 miles covered in 2 1/2 to 3 hours. Route  depends on weather and people’s preferences on the day.

A relaxed morning out with the aim of building confidence and fitness for all levels of rider in an uncompetitive environment.

To protect natural trails from undue erosion we will likely cancel these rides at short notice if conditions are very wet.

Saturday Road Rides – 

Meet ready for a 9:00 am pre ride briefing @ B&Q, Coypool, Plymptonso we can have all the rides on their way by 9:10am. Note that during the summer months the ‘D’ ride often leaves a little earlier at 8 a.m. so be sure to check this ride post befor turning up on Saturday!

Saturday Leisure Ride

Please note that between 1st November and 30th March, these rides only take place if, by the Friday eve, anyone has volunteered to lead.  Do check our Facebook page for up to date information before turning up during this winter period.

This ride is designed as an introduction to Club Cycling but is not for total beginners.  YOGi cycling is keen to promote cycling as a leisure activity and we make a point of welcoming newcomers to our rides.  All these rides will be very near to 25-35 miles maximum with a café stop around mid route.

The average speed is between 10-12mph so ideal for those who are able to cycle between 25-35 miles in at least 3 hours. Either a road bike or a hybrid are recommended as we are (lucky!) to live in a hilly area and can’t avoid them. This ride will always be led by an experienced rider who will ensure the pace is within this distance and speed.  You will be expected to ride behind the leader throughout the ride.

If you are new to cycling then we suggest you visit http://www.goskyride.com/ and try some of their introductory rides which range from 6 to 30 miles at either an easy, steady or challenging pace.

Novice cyclists should try the 10-12mph Ride first so we can gauge your level and help you decide which group most suits your current fitness and ability level.

Saturday “12-14” Ride

This ride is aimed at providing progression for those ready to move up a level. Hence this ride will always be restricted to a near 12-14 mph average speed and strictly use routes of between 35 and 50 miles.  You will be expected to stay behind the ride leader(s) unless otherwise advised by the ride leader should they make that judgement call.

If unsure of your ability, you should join the Leisure Ride and we will help gauge your level for future rides. However a good test is to ride on your own for 25 miles or so and check you can maintain this average speed.  If you can you should be fine on this longer ride, group riding is that little bit easier than solo riding.

Saturday “14-16”  Ride

Typically ridden at a 14-16 mph average and cover distances of circa 45 – 60 miles. Ideal for the reasonably fit experienced rider.  We will not leave you behind but in fairness to everyone else you will be expected to be able to hold this pace and manage the distance.  You may even be willing to take turns at the front whilst ensuring the group remains cohesive, safe and the pace is within the above average speed.

Saturday “16-18” Ride

To be ridden at a 16-18 mph average and cover distances of circa 60 – 75 miles.  Aimed at those who are pretty fit and used to regular group riding.  Be prepared to show self-discipline and if necessary ride behind the ride leader to ensure the pace remains controlled and the group rides safely. Ideally you will be to take turns at the front without causing the group to split up.

Saturday “18+” Ride

Ridden at 18+ mph average and cover distances of circa 65-100+. These rides are for those who are already experienced club riders,  want to develop their cycling performance and ride in a structured group. They are aimed at people who already have a high level of fitness and able to cope with the bigger mileage.

Novice cyclists who should try the Leisure Ride first so we can gauge your level and help you decide which group most suits your current fitness and ability level.

All our Saturday road rides include a cafe and cake stop and generally the routes of all three rides will posted on the web site by Friday evening, if for whatever unusual reason any are not, then a democratic choice will be agreed and briefed before setting off. We are always happy to increase our volunteer leader pool for any of these rides so if you fancy doing your bit then please do let us know!

Early Bee MTB Ride – Sunday  Meet 8:30 am @ B&Q, Coypool, Plympton.

Meet at B&Q Marsh Mills 8.30 am, normally led by Gary Bees but welcome to text or call on 07740 783975 to make sure all on in case of any local racing!!

Expect to ride 25-30 miles in around 3 hours, aimed at riders who want to keep moving with a good level of fitness, ideally suited to XC endurance. Probably not as fast as the Tuesday MTB & not as technical as the Thursday MTB group, weather doesn’t really put us off.

Additional/Alternative Rides It’s great if any members arrange other rides to coincide with the weekly organised rides or even to run on different days/times.  If you choose to do this kindly make this obvious by posting in the ‘Comments’ section below this  item on the web site ‘News’ page and ideally also on the relevant YOGi Facebook page, making it clear they are open to all members as long as they can cope with the stated pace! If these “alternative” rides are popular by all means let us know and we will advertise as a regular ride.

Our Ride and Behaviour Ethos:

  • You accept that as an individual you are not covered for any personal injury or equipment damage by our affiliated membership insurance. You are covered should you cause injury or damage to a third party (means someone who is not on the ride) during an official club ride (all those listed above).
  • We welcome all newcomers and those trying our rides before deciding whether or not to become a member
  • Our bikes are in a safe to ride condition.
  • Wearing of a helmet is mandatory without exception on all road and MTB rides.
  • For safety reasons any type of music ear phones will not be worn, this ensures you can hear messages about cars/obstructions/directions as passed down the line.
  • We ride with front and rear lights in poor visibility and within normal lighting up hrs.
  • We remain aware that we are riding under the YOGi Cycling Banner and do not behave in a manner that can harm the clubs reputation.  This means following all traffic rules, riding two by two or in single file when appropriate
  • Refusing to get involved in any kind of verbal or physical abuse with other road users, no matter what the provocation, we have zero tolerance to non adherence
  • Caring passionately about the trails we ride and the countryside we pass through.
  • Leaving no litter anywhere
  • Everyone brings spare inner tubes and basic tools
  • We do not leave anyone stranded so shout loudly if you have a mechanical/puncture we will stop and assist
  • As our club rides are for enjoyment and fitness and not race training, we will cancel road rides if we believe weather conditions increase the risk of accidents.  We will advise via the YOGi FB page and the website by 08:00 pm on Friday evenings, we might get it pessimistically wrong but safety to all road users comes first 
  • So others do not have to spend time waiting around everyone will arrive ready for a timely depart 
  • All individuals on our rides accept responsibility for their own safety and ensure they ride in a manner that does not deliberately put others at risk
  • Be aware that some members video parts/all of our rides and these may be shown on various social media outlets
  • when you join a club ride you will be expected to stay on the posted route unless the ride leader agrees/decides otherwise and announces such.  Deviating and rejoining the group is confusing to the ride leader.
  • If you decide to turn back part way through a ride that is fine but please ensure you make at least one other person ideally the ride leader aware 
  • Only rides posted on this web site are sanctioned club rides and therefore the only rides covered by our British Cycling club affiliation insurance
  • If you ride an eBike you read and adhere to our eBike policy available on this web site.
  • Everyone shares our ethos and ensures YOGi Cycling is seen as an exemplary cycling club
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