Club Rides Insurance – Need to Know!

Hi all,

A reminder about our club affiliation and what that means in terms of our ride leader and third party insurance.

Firstly it is important to know though that no member or guest rider is covered for personal injury or property damage by either of our two club affiliation policies.  You join our rides having decided you are prepared to risk not having that cover.  That means you are potentially liable if you cause injury, bike or clothing damage etc to another rider on club rides.  This of course means you are not protected should you sustain the same, so again you are responsible for the decision on whether or not that is an acceptable risk.

Generally even with everyone riding safely and adhering to our safe group riding requirements the occasional coming together is pretty much inevitable. By this we mean the sort that can result in minor damage and say minor road rash for example. However should an incident occur that is seemingly more than that and a member has suffered consequences through absolutely no fault of their own we expect those concerned to take a fair and reasonable approach with each other.  Though do be aware that in the interest of everyone’s safety and well being, should any member cause a disproportionate number of incidents, the club will address on an individual basis and no   improvement will end in exclusion.

CTC (Cyclist Touring Club) and yes their cover pretty much suits our type of club very well indeed.  Please use this link to see the details. /  Our affiliation number is 90089825. Yes it is well worth taking the time to do so.  You can also find it on the Members Area tab.

We remain affiliated to British Cycling too and our club affiliation number is 110446.  You are encouraged to log on to the BC site and access our club information and a see a full breakdown of our insurance and other club details.

We are proud to support both of the UK’s biggest cycling organisations.  That leaves our members a choice to choose from either for personal cycling related insurance and other benefits.

Of course one big hope all of us have is that this will reassure current and all future ride leader volunteers.

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