Rides Review Outcome

Firstly many thanks to those of you have given us the recent useful Saturday rides feedback, it has helped clarify our thinking.   We had already realised that both terms ‘Steady’ and ‘Leisure’ have become misleading and that when new members or those who really do want an easier ride come along, the pace is often too much for them.

What to do then?  Well firstly we have decided to do a little ‘re branding’, the aim being to name the rides more clearly and secondly to try and support the request for a third easier ride.  We say ‘try’ in so much as we will need your support to keep these going, so initially we will have a trial period and gauge support for them. 

Therefore with effect from Saturday November 12th the Saturday rides will follow Ronseal’s approach. ‘Do What it Says on the Tin’ and we will expect everyone to be disciplined, respect these speeds and select the ride they go on accordingly.

So rides will be :-

Saturday ’16’ (because the average speed will be around that speed) – This ride will always be the first to depart.

Saturday ’14’ (yes because the average speed will be…….) – This ride will be the second one to depart.

Saturday ’12’ (you have the picture by now) – This ride will be the last one to depart.  Just to clarify this will be a one month trial period and Steve C (that’ll be me!) has agreed to lead for up to the end of the first month, with the intention that other club members will be willing to help by volunteering to join our ride leaders pool (for any of the rides actually!).

Over the next couple of weeks we will collate names and arrange for one of our coaches and experienced ride leaders to do a talk on exactly what this entails. Despite the understandable apprehension about taking this on, it is pretty straight forward and rewarding to boot.  So if you are interested in putting something into the club or would like to hear more, just let us know by putting your name in the comments section below.


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