Road Ride 15-17 Sat 16th Feb

This is the second of our steadier ‘step-up’ rides so if you’re one of the stronger riders on the 14-16 ride please consider giving it go!

With the weather looking pretty ok for tomorrow and an almost balmy 11deg I thought we’d take a trip across the moors. So from HQ we’ll head up through Leigham picking up at The George around 9:25 for anyone who wants to meet us there (yes, I’m looking at you Mr Wildman 🙂 ) Then it’s on to Meavy and Princetown and across the moors to Morty. We’ll then have a bit of a blast down to Bovey Tracey for a cafe stop at Cafe 360.

Depending on how everyone is feeling we’ll either head up Haytor and drop down to Pear Tree and back or alternatively straight back through Bickington, Buckfast and other places beginning with B (maybe!).

Overall the route will be slightly over 60 so you’ll definitely bag the Strava Fondo with a good amount of up. We will be working on keeping together as a group and the pace will reflect this so please don’t be afraid to step up (Keaton?!!) 😀

Route sort of looks like this

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