Road Rides Forum – Friday 5th September

Hi All,

A date for your diaries! We are holding a ‘Road Rides’ forum on Friday 5th April, at the ELM Centre, Estover (near Asda), commencing at 7pm.

We have not held one of these since Bryan and Becky’s last one, so long overdue.

Agenda is:

-Show a group Riding techniques Video and discuss

-Agree a response when either individually or a group ride we experience any form of intimidation (basically a blank piece of paper discussion so everybody’s input appreciated!).

Andy Burch is trying to encourage a member of the police along and if so this subject will be replaced by their input.

-Open forum – any member welcome to take the floor and lead a discussion (please let us know in advance of your subject by sending to bearing in mine we may need to prioritise).

-End with a ‘Fun’ 2Up inner tube changing competition. Fastest pair win! Yes you’ve guessed; it a couple of inner tubes each. We will give the ‘Rules on the eve 😉.

What else? Well free Tea/Coffee/Biscuits and if you choose to ride you can park your bikes safely in the centre.

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