Road Rides – Group Rides of 6 To Recommence 29th March

Hi all,

The great news is that as from 29th March we are allowed to recommence group rides. Initially we have chosen to only run with groups of no more than 6. We believe that to ride with any bigger size group whilst maintaining the required social distancing is likely to cause disruption on the roads. We will be reviewing this regularly and respond with changes accordingly. To keep it simple all rides will meet and depart from Coypool.

Those of you who are willing to lead a ride, and we thank you now if you are: please post on the YOGi Road FaceBook group 3 days in advance. State meeting time, ride route, planned pace and invite members to put their names down.

Only put your name down if you are definitely going to turn up. First six to respond will join the ride. Anyone who falls ill or shows any COVID 19 symptoms and therefore cannot ride advise the ride leader as soon as you possible therefore enabling someone to take your place.

Those on rides are responsible for maintaining social distancing, wearing a mask when required by say takeaway food vendors the ride uses and ensuring the ride leader is fully supported in ensuring adherence to any restrictions in place.

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