Roadies MTB Ride – Saturday 7th February

It’s the Yorkshire show!  Yorkie’s ride with me navigating.  Usual 9:00 am start from Coypool.

Trails nice and dry right now so for anyone fancying a change and enjoying some stunning scenery this is one option for Saturday.  Pace will be whatever is necessary for anyone who turns up to enjoy!

Will commence with an amble up the cycle path (give everyone a chance to remember how hard pedalling an MTB on tarmac is:) ), on to Yelverton, take the high route along the Walkham Valley for a very early coffee stop at Long Ash and then the start of some fantastic single track through the woods, fast as you want descent to Double Waters, follow the river upstream towards Magpie Bridge,a long flat stretch of semi technical riding but easily rideable for 99% of this section.  Then the climb back to Yelverton and home.

For any regular MTBers its by no means a closed shop so welcome along too though expect the pace on any tech bits to be a bit steadier than you are used to 🙂

I’m guessing home again by 1pm!

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