RU Training Coastal Cruise – 9th October

RUTraining have now released full route details and costs for their inaugural Coastal Cruise Sportive (Leisure Ride).  The event will take riders up onto Dartmoor and down to the coast at Slapton, at just over 80 miles with 1.300mtrs of climbing it could prove a good final test for your season or a leg warmer for the Exmoor Beast.  Cost of entry will be £20 and medals will be awarded to all finishers.

Full details of the event, which starts and finishes at the Dartmoor Zoo on Sunday October 9th can be found here

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21 Responses to RU Training Coastal Cruise – 9th October

  1. Linda Bracher says:

    Hey I’m in……

  2. Richard Woods says:

    I’ve entered too. Wasn’t sure about the company name field on the online entry form so just put Yogi?

  3. Ross Wildman says:

    I’m in..

    Gold – 18.8mph Avg
    Silver – 16mph Avg

    Am I the only one thinking they are slightly high?

    • Helen Ballantyne says:

      I agree with you Ross – that is the first thing that I thought – they do seem very high – and they also have no seperate targets for us ladies, as in the Classic!!!

    • Ben Tadiar says:

      I’m sure the times will be hours:minutes i.e. 4 hours 50 minutes (or 4.83 hours) as opposed to a decimal number. If this is the case the timings should actually be as follows (rounded up to nearest 10th mph):

      Gold – 16.6mph average (15.3 female)
      Silver – 14.6mph average (13.4 female)

  4. Chris Glazier says:

    Not for………

    ………….you surely Ross? 😉

  5. Gary Walsh says:

    This sound like a good one, think i will have a crack at it to.

  6. Andy Westcott says:

    I’m up for this. I think 18.8mph will be easy it’s all downhill.

  7. Michael Alexander says:

    Doin this one too. Not many names on entry list yet. Not done this far B4. HELP !!!

  8. Matthew Osborne says:

    I have just signed up for this too. Like Michael, this will be the longest distance i have done as I normally do the 100k versions but I’m seeing this as some miles in the legs before the Exmoor Beast. Can’t imagine for a moment I can get a time though with those categories. Is a meet planned for at least the beginning.

  9. Neil McLoughlin says:

    Myself and Bob Chilvers are now entered for this.

    I am scared……!

  10. Ben Tadiar says:

    I’d be interested in taking part in this, though not trying the 18.8mph average! Is anyone looking for people to ride with them?

    • Matthew Osborne says:

      A bit late in seeing your post so things may have moved on a bit by now but I would be keen to be part of a group – for as long as as I can keep up! Are there any plans?

      • Ben Tadiar says:

        Hi Matthew,

        Myself and Russ Parkin will be leaving for Sparkwell from the City Centre at 0800 hours to give us plenty of time at the other end. Russ has kindly offered to drive to save us the ~10mile ride out there.

        No specific plans to meet but I’ll be looking for familiar faces and at registration. If anyone would like to suggest a specific meeting point/time then I’m happy to do that 🙂

  11. Iain Cunningham says:

    I’ve entered this and have no chance of the 18 mph average. This will also be the largest distance that I have done. I’m looking forward to it although I think it will be tough.

  12. Bob Chilvers says:

    As stated by my hill climb specialist (Neil) I am entered for this one. As always looking to finish and enjoy!!
    Bob C.

  13. Richard Woods says:

    To everyone who took part in this today: very well done! I did 99 miles including the ride to and from the event.

    I thought it was very tough especially with the rain, fog and then strong cross and headwinds shortly after the deceiving sun at Totnes all the way back home from Slapton! There were a lot of hills! – I also had an encounter with a bull(or perhaps large cow!) on one of the steep descents near Holne.

    I probably shouldn’t have done the steady ride yesterday as well and almost gave up when I already had wet feet before starting the event today!

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