Saturday 12 Road Ride – 8th December

Sam Clifford is going to take the Saturday 12 this week and Ray Cooke has offered to assist her. 🙂

Sam’s words as follows:

Weather permitting we shall be heading for the hills on this Saturday’s 12 ride.

Leave B&Q prompt and head up to Les Deux Alpes (Wotter), then we’ll carry on to Yelverton via Cadover, we’ll climb up to Princetown for a warm up by the roaring log fires in the Fox Tor Cafe before heading over to Pork Hill.

Providing the road conditions allow we’ll turn off at Moorshop and head over to Plaster Down and Horrabridge (we can always head into Tavistock if we feel it’s better to stick to the main roads) and then back along Roborough Down taking the Leigham route down to B&Q.

The route is 38 miles if we take the Plaster Down option (a handful of extra miles if we go into Tavistock). The first half of the route is a bit of a hill fest but we will be sticking to 12mph to ensure that the climbs are as comfortable as possible and as I’m recovering from a blown disc in my back and a £100 chiropracter bill I can assure you I won’t be turning up with my race face 😉

I will assess the roads on my way in from Princetown to B&Q – if it’s looking dodgy we can always come up with a plan B when we all meet in the morning.

Meet as usual folks, 9am B&Q Coypool for more fun on the bike! 🙂

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