Sat 20th Feb, ‘C’ ride, Venford to the year – almost!

Yes, it’s almost a year to the day since we jumped in at the deep end and ventured up to Venford reservoir, time to do a little bit of climbing.  As always the perfect time to head east over the moor is with a tail wind to help us, forecast for Saturday is dry with 23Kts of tail wind…until we head home that is!

Route is up the cycle track to Yelverton, picking up any late risers and leaving there at 10.  Straight up Peak Hill and on through Princetown (regroup at the National trust centre) and head on toward Dartmeet.  Before we get there though it’s a sharp right and up to Venford, some nice little leg warmers here 🙂

After Venford it’s down past Holne to the Dartmoor Lodge and then a short blast across to the Buckfast cafe stop. After sustenance of your choice it’s back on the steeds and our normal route back in to Plymouth.

Total distance is 50 miles and ONLY 4,000ft of climbing…be warned headwind on our return is due to be a little strong!!!

Route can be found here

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