Saturday ‘12’ – 17th December

Once again Ray has volunteered to be your leader and I’m sure if Neil is along he will form the same double act as last week.  So prepare for the fun and wise cracks.

This week the ride will head through Leigham so by the Dartmoor Diner and after 5 miles of continuous climbing you will be all warm and toasty! Left after the Diner to Green Lane – Crapstone – Pound – Horrabridge – Moretown – Sampford Spiney – Walkhampton – Yelverton – Knightstones for coffee and cake – Then a choice of straight back to Plymouth or return via a lap of Burrator and Duez Alpes.

And yep ’12’ means the average speed will be very close to that speed and everyone is required to help ensure it does.

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