Saturday ’12’ and ’14’ Road Rides – 22nd June

Due to it being one of the most popular events of the year in YOGi land, yep the Dartmoor Classic, we might well have a small turn out on Saturday.  If so likely we will combine these two rides and, as I missed the entries for said event, I will lead them.

My promise is that if anyone comes along who is only capable of riding at our ’12’ pace then the ride will cater for you both in average speed and distance (no more than 40 miles).  That’s cos I expect it’s likely that our more recent joiners will prefer a ’12’ pace and few will be riding the classic, so a good opportunity for you to turn up for a Saturday ride for perhaps the first time.  Yes I’m tying to encourage some of our membership who we see little of on our group rides to give it a go this weekend!!!

However if someone wants to come forward and take either of the rides separately that will be brill’,  just say so in comments below and please state route choice.

If I lead it will be a case of confirming the route on Sat morn but basically it will either be into SE Cornwall or a Tavistock – Princetown variation. Truth is the weather will be the determining factor.

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