Saturday 12 Road Ride – 11th May

Must be a record early posting for the ’12’!  All thanks to Paul Hiles who has volunteered to lead this ride for the first time and has sent me his route already and also cos I’m away all next week and apart from by phone will have no internet access. Great to have a new leader volunteer so anybody else feel like following Pauls example please let me know.

BQ – Plym Bridge woods cycle path –  Yelverton – Crapstone  –  Buckland Abbey  –  Bere Alston (via Denham Bridge)  –  Gulworthy –  Longcross – Brentor – Tavistock – Whitchurch – Horrabridge – Walkhampton – Yelverton – Plym Bridge Woods – BQ.

This is approximately 44 miles with 3640ft of climbing, with a cafe stop in Tavistock at Bob’s Café. There are a few climbs, but nothing too strenuous apart from Heartbreak Hill at the end of the Plym bridge cycle path and Denham Bridge Hill.

As usual please ensure you all do the necessary to ensure Paul enjoys leading the ride and so everyone has a safe and enjoyable ride.


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