Saturday 12 Road Ride – 26th July:


Mark Reed has kindly offered to lead this week’s 12 ride up to Jamaica Inn:

 From B&Q along the Embankment, to the ferry for a 9 30 meet. Torpoint , Anthony and on the main road towards Trerulefoot roundabout where we will have our first planned stop by the garage. Then cross the A38 turning immediately right and onto the back lanes towards Blunts turning left to St Eve and onto Pensilva heading up the hill onto the moor for our second planned stop. Then Crows Nest picking up the main road to Golitha Falls turning right to Bolventor, and a seven mile flat run along the Draynes valley to Jamaica Inn! We come back around Colliford Lake and back to the main road for a long and steady climb to Minnions for our third stop. Then its the descent to Upton Cross crossing the road to Rilla Mill and through the village for the climb out to the main road and onto Bray Shop. Then its Callington probably staying on the main road to Saltash and home.

Total distance about 65 miles but fairly flat. I am hoping to get back to Saltash about 1430 Average speed will be 12mph and fairly steady.

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